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New and replacement chimney liners

Chimney Liners

Establishing a protective shield between the inner chimney surface and the surrounding structure, the chimney liner averts the corrosive effects of substances like creosote, safeguarding against masonry erosion and potential fire risks. Moreover, a precisely installed liner enhances the performance of your heating device, promoting consistent airflow and more efficient combustion. During installation, our skilled technicians evaluate the chimney’s measurements, choose the suitable liner material, and conduct a thorough cleaning before securely fitting the liner. This guarantees that your fireplace or heating system operates at its peak safety and efficiency levels.

Why you should get your chimney lined:

Improves Drafts

Properly sized and installed liners help maintain a steady and efficient draft, allowing for better combustion of fuels and reducing the build-up of smoke and harmful gases in your living space.

Enhanced Ventilation

It ensures that combustion gases are expelled from your home effectively, promoting better indoor air quality and reducing the risk of carbon monoxide buildup.

Versatility of Fuel Types

A well-suited liner allows for the safe use of a wide range of fuel types, including wood, gas, oil, and pellets.

Prevention of Corrosion

It shields the interior of the chimney from the corrosive byproducts of combustion, such as creosote, which can deteriorate the masonry and lead to structural damage.

Minimizes Condensation

A liner helps to prevent condensation from forming inside the chimney, which can lead to water damage and deterioration of the chimney structure.

Reduces Heat Transfer

Insulated chimney liners minimize heat transfer to the surrounding masonry, preventing structural damage and keeping the outer chimney surface cooler.

Maintains Manufacturer's Warranty

Many heating appliance manufacturers require a chimney liner to be in place for their warranty to remain valid.

Reduces Heating Costs

A properly lined chimney can lead to more efficient burning of fuel, potentially lowering your heating bills.

Preserves Historical Chimneys

For older or historical homes with unique chimneys, a liner can help preserve the integrity of these architectural features.

Ensures Proper Sizing

A liner is sized to match the specific requirements of your heating appliance, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

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